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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Why Hostoople is best for Hosting

The worst nightmare of any online business entrepreneur is losing website due to server downtime. If you are active in the internet industry, you know exactly what I am talking about. When a website goes down you can seriously lose the money you could make within that downtime. Sometimes the downtime is so long that we may even end up losing some regular customers because they couldn’t find something they were looking for on time.

These are serious concerns for businesses that depend mostly on their websites. I recently went through similar problems with my hosting company that made me shift from them. I ended up using Hostoople hosting for my business. Today I am going to share why this hosting solution is an excellent choice if you are worried about going down due to server problems.

 So what exactly is storm on demand? It is basically a kick ass service provided by Hostoople, a hosting company that specializes in cloud hosting. Storm on demand has a unique offering that no other hosting solutions give. It gives you the ability to rent a server on hourly rates instead of monthly rates. This is suitable for both you and the company since this allows them to give you maximum uptime and a powerful server machine that never slows down. The best bit about hostoople is that it lets you customize your server the way you want. For example, you can let Hostoople know how much RAM, disk storage or CPU power you need from a server.

They will gladly modify the machine to your needs. You can then rent this server out for a specific amount. Keep in mind that oople on demand also gives you monthly packages which start at $50. This option is excellent if you only want to use the server for a specified period of time. Hostoople gives you the regular cPanel outfit to help you manage and control your domain. However keep in mind that this may cost you an extra charge.

If you want to manage your website on your own, you may never have to pay any extra charges. Most dedicated servers provided by different companies come with limited bandwidth. The good thing about Storm servers is that they do not charge you an upfront fee for bandwidth. There are only two ways you can pay for the bandwidth you use. The first plan allows you to pay for bandwidth as you consume it. If you do not like this plan, hostoople also lets you pay upfront for a specific amount of bandwidth. The best thing is that you can choose how much bandwidth you want to purchase instead of having the company choose you an allowance. One of the best features of storm servers is that it lets you scale your servers. This is a pretty cool feature as it lets you dynamically increase and decrease the power of your server. For example, if you come across a time when your server starts getting slow due to heavy traffic, you can simply press a button on your control panel to increase the scale of the server.

What happens is that you choose how much processing power you want to increase and how much more RAM you need. Right on the spot your stuff is synced with another server that is running on the specs you specified. The rates of course go up but you never have to pay anything extra for using this service. Hostoople is an excellent option for anyone who is tired of paying fixed amount of money to a company that cannot keep up with the amount of traffic your website brings in. With its dynamic sync options, oople gives you the tools to shift your game. With oople you can easily go above the limits of your website by simply and quickly shifting your data to another server. This process does not take more than 5 minutes or any extra cost. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses that cannot afford to lose customers due to server downtime. To learn More On Hosting Visit best cheap reseller hosting


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