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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Wordpress 4.0 Overview and Features

Wordpress 4 Review
WordPress team really makes you realize how fast time goes by. The users were not finished enjoying WordPress 3 versions and here is the team introducing WordPress 4.0; an advanced toy for the fans to get mesmerized by.

However with the hard work of the production unit still going on this version is just a sample for the users to download and give the response WordPress qualifies to achieve each and every time. So with no further delay let’s get to the features 4.0 is providing. Starting off the first feature to discuss is the modification of the media library. Adding to the previous list view is the new ‘grid’ design.

On selecting an item a new modal shows up providing you with options for editing the file or further information of the file. Also without the hassle to open a new screen for each time you can just click through the items without closing the current modal.

Better Videos integration in WordPress 4.0

Adding to this is the preview of video links via YouTube, etc when entering it into the URL insertion tab. For a very convenient and light experience on plug-in installation some early changes will appear while searching and viewing plug-ins and their details. These changes will specifically include visual effects and some information about the item for an updated user experience. In addition to this a very minor but a significant change is the selection option for languages while installation process.

Also a feature new to the software is the separate panel loading of widgets in the customizer. Lastly and most importantly major improvements have been done in the developers’ zone. However in this segment.

Your Feedback is Required for better Wordpress

WordPress team asks your co-operation in making the software more stable and user friendly. Firstly the editor automatically resizes to pin down the top and bottom bars when needed. Still, if you find a problem with cursor pointers or you find a bug report to the team mentioning your browser and OS.

Considering the interaction of your mouse or keyboard with TinyMCE views improvements have been made in gallery previews and more. However just like before user info is required for Bug improvements in this section too.

 With this latest version and the interactive customer feedback portal WordPressress has surely worked for the utmost benefit of both the team and the users. We hope to see you benefitting from this version in the ways suitable to you, till then looking for more enthralling products from the WordPress organization.


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